Our Passion, finding the best Talent! 

ESA Consulting Ltd. is an executive recruitment Consultancy with a broad industrial focus offering proficient and professional support in research and recruitment on all levels geared to your individual requirements.
Flexible solutions – Highest quality is our benchmark! 

We see change
as an opportunity

Drastic skill shortages, Demographic changes, shifts
of values in the markets -Companies are facing new challenges every day and
a need for change. 

Twenty-one years of successfully placements implemented by our Team as well as transparent communication with our clients and candidates assure an efficient execution of our projects.
Efficiency, Proficiency and discretion are the key principles of our consulting. Continuous development and commitment enable us to solve our client's recruiting problems.
Our flexible approach integrates our client’s suggestions, needs and wishes in our research processes.
The focus is on factors such as leadership skills and charisma, resilience, stamina, integrity, intellectual flexibility, and the ability to manage.

This cooperation ensures long-term and sustainable customer relations. 

Research process

We find your new “employees” by contacting potential candidates directly.
Our range of services offered comprise of counselling and project monitoring and
the use of all proven and up to date instruments for highly proficient staff recruiting.


01 Research

The core business of ESA Consulting is classical, structured and discrete identification – cross-industrial, nation-wide and on all levels.


02 Direct Approach

After a comprehensive briefing and set-up of a profile of position requirements
and the list of target companies, potentially suitable candidates are contacted discretely and, if they are interested, also interviewed.


03 Profiling

ESA Consulting supports you in analyzing the requirements of vacant positions and in profiling the candidates via analysis of qualification and potential and an assessment of his/her personality.


04 Competitive Intelligence

Observation and analysis of the competition and a company's own positioning
in the market, identifying structure, benchmarks and evaluating current
and future technologies, support in Due Diligence and internal data analysis
(business intelligence).


Flexibility is part of ESA Consulting´s tradition. Despite continuously new challenges and changes we have been able to keep our company's core principles: 

“Success is based on the enduring balance of our corporate vision, our planning and action, the good relationships we build and in cooperation with our project partners, our people skills and the responsibility we bear toward our team members.” 

Covering a wide range
in the field of human resources

The Executive Search requires a fundamental knowledge of industries, markets and current trends as well as following Global events. Our range of services covers all industrial fields, thus enabling us to present our customers an optimal result.

Our clients' success depends on their staff members, particularly on their qualifications, leadership as well as team work skills and the ability to self-motivate and to motivate others. We systematically identify suitable candidates, always setting a high value on clear transparency for our client and a discrete approach by our consultants.

We feel “as part of your company” understanding your philosophy, protecting your resources and act in accordance with your wishes in the search of qualified personnel. 

Committed, Discreet and Effective

As an owner-managed, service-specialized and independent consulting agency, we have supported our clients since 1997 in staffing on all levels

Moreover, ESA Consulting is an expert for research, market and competitive intelligence for continually increasing our customers' competitiveness.
We see ourselves as neutral, pragmatic and creative problem solvers with a demand for the highest quality and standards.
Our team has many years of experience in research and can operate internationally and Cross Industrial.

People are at the Heart of our business.


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